All About Me

pin11.jpgI am going to start by introducing myself. I am a mother and a wife. I live in semi-rural northern Illinois. I enjoy many hobbies. Knitting and photography are my current major hobbies. I am usually a quieter person. I try to remain positive about life. I love nature. I do meditate and use mindfulness occasionally. I love goal setting. I am trying to find my photography style.  I am currently doing three photography projects. One is a letter with photos to my daughter once a month. The other two are prompted 365 projects. I am a member of Shultz Online Photo School. I have no clue where my photography journey will take me.

I started taking photos a long time ago. I think my first camera was a hot pink camera where I had to attach the one time use flash cube. If you do not know what that looks like, look it up. I find it funny when I compare that to the cheap cameras of today. I do not know why exactly I wanted to take photos back then. I guess I just wanted to capture life, which is some of my favorite type of photos today. I love capturing the simplicity of my daughter stacking blocks or the expression of my daughter’s face as she stares off into the distance with those big brown eyes.

No matter, I would periodically use a camera. I decided to buy a DSLR in college. I saw my sister had one and I knew I wanted one too. I bought it around 2010. I took one photo class at a local college but did not learn too much. I used the automatic setting all the way up until 2016. I started taking classes with Shultz Photo School and learned to use manual through them. I continue to learn about photography through Shultz Photo School but also through Craftsy, Bethadilly, Creative Live, Click It Up a Notch, books, and magazines. I really enjoy learning, especially when I am in control of what I learn and at what pace.

I hope with this blog I can inspire others to find an outlet for their creativity and I also want this blog to show my progression as a photographer. My first few photos may not look too amateur (or maybe they do) but bare in mind I have been taking online classes for nearly a year now. Happy clicking!

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