Lessons Learned – 365 Projects

pin12Let us talk about photography projects. I am doing a letter to my daughter every month with photos and 2-365 prompted photo projects. One of those 365 projects is Bethadilly’s prompted 365 project from last year and the other one is through Fat Mum Slim. I got through all of January without missing a day. Woohoo! What have I discovered so far?

1. Some of the prompts push me to be more creative than I usually am.

2. Some of the prompts push me to go and take a walk or go in my car and find a location to photograph. I think anything that forces me out of the house is a good thing.

3. I do not like every prompt because they force me to go outside my comfort zone. Currently, I am the most comfortable with portraits and the everyday moments.

4. I am discovering my style.

5. I am getting quicker at realizing why I want to take a photo of a certain subject.

6. I am quicker at capturing exactly what I want on camera.

7. Not every photograph is going to be perfect.

8. I have found that I am often drawn to something because it reminds me of a past memory.

Let me explain how this played out with the picture below. I hope that my thoughts in words make sense.

I went on a walk for the prompts “my Saturday morning” and “in my neighborhood” (discovery #2). I came across our pond in our subdivision which would require me to take a landscape picture (discovery #3). I specifically wanted to photograph the peninsula jutting out into the foggy waters. It reminded me of a movie or a novel such as Lord of the Rings (discovery #8) where your imagination is taken on an adventure. Fog makes a scene mysterious, I feel (discovery #5). Well, I took the first photo and did not like it. I did not know if I wanted the peninsula on the top half or bottom half of the photo because I did not know if the water or land was more important to me. They were both beautiful. I asked myself, “Why do you like this scene? What about the scene makes it intriguing? How are you viewing the scene through your eyes (i.e. the peninsula is not straight across, but below me)? As I answered these questions, I realized how I could show the beauty on camera. I needed to show the peninsula on the bottom half of the photo. I needed to zoom in, show the water and peninsula together, and make sure the fog showed up as well (discovery #6).

I hope that that makes sense. Thoughts go through our heads a lot quicker than when we write them down so you may be doing this without realizing it. Is the below photography perfect? Heck no (discovery #7) but sometimes the discoveries made along the way are more important than the final product.


Happy Wednesday!

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