Black & White Edits

pin13I have been loving black and white recently. At first, I was not a fan. I never understood why someone would want a black and white photo except for taking pictures of old stuff. I generally love color. Now that I have played around with it, I can see the appeal. Below, I have also shown you examples of these reasons with before and after black and white edits. You are lucky to see the pre-edit versions. I hate some of those original photos.

1.      The photo has too many colors and I feel like my subject is lost in all of the colors and/or you hate the color you painted your walls. For the record, her room has a nature theme.


2.      The image is way overexposed but the picture has something special in it (like my daughter’s big eyes).


3.   The picture is boring. This has come in useful with my 365 photos. I cannot delete a photo if I want to feel like I accomplished my prompt for the day.


4.      If the subject is supposed to be white but I cannot get the white balance perfectly white. Also, black and white can make a subject look cleaner.



5.  If I do not like the color of the subject, but I like the rest of the picture.


So, lesson learned…experiment. You may be surprised by what you like.

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