Unfocused and In Australia

pin9Right now, I feel unfocused as a photographer. Should I focus on the lighting in a photograph or a way of showing my style? Should I buy a new camera body or a wider-angle lens? What online class should I take next? If you cannot tell already, I am terrible at making decisions, especially when a large amount of money is involved. Is anyone else feeling the same way?

In other news, my sister is coming to town. In 2015, my family and I went and visited her family on the west coast of Australia. Luckily, Australia is so beautiful that you can get good photos without having good photography skills. I believe I shot in automatic the whole time I was there. This vacation was just prior to joining Shultz Photography School. I have edited some of the photos but you can only do so much when you shoot in jpg. Below you will see some of my favorite photos from the trip. I hope I get a chance to get back over there.

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