Old Photos

pin8I think I am a little obsessed with photography. I just joined ClickIn Moms. Once again, i don’t know where it is going to take me just like I didn’t know where Shultz Photo School would take me. I am excited to learn more.

My blog is not just a place to learn about how to photograph well. It is also to show you my journey from being a beginner to something more. When I see a professional photographer’s work, I really wonder how they were at the beginning of their photography journey. If they were to do this, then I could relate to them more and realize that if they improved, so could I. Yes, I do have faith in myself but when that faith waivers, seeing other people’s past struggles helps. With that being said, here are some past photos.

I would like to add that whether or not you know how to take pictures well, you can still document life. Even professionals will hold onto photos with mistakes (i.e. blurriness) if the photo stirs emotion in them.

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