My Friend the Golden Hour


Lately, I feel like my pictures have been really good but then I noticed one thing in common with most of them. They were taken during the golden hour. What is the golden hour? The golden hour is the hour (roughly) after sunrise or before sunset. That hour has been very kind to my ability to get good shots. That is why I have labeled this post “My Friend the Golden Hour”.

Admittedly, I really did not like the golden hour when I first started photographing during it. I was not a fan of the orange color I was getting in my photos but then I started noticing how the sun’s color changes as it gets lower in the sky. Right about at that hour mark, the sun is more of a gold yellow and as it gets lower in the sky it turns more orange or orange red. I think the key for me is to shoot that first twenty or thirty minutes of the hour. That is MY ideal light. Your ideal light may be different. Here are a few photos I have been able to capture. Feel free to post some of your favorite golden hour pictures.


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