Library Day

library day

My daughter has really been into books lately. Now we read a book every night before bed. She even requested to go the library although I wonder if the desire was for the play area and not the books. No matter, I took her and we got a few books. It also gives me the opportunity to practice taking pictures at the library. I love library pictures.

FYI for you parents out there with younger children (under 2 1/2 years)…I am sure you have read that reading books to your child is very important to their growth. Every time I read that when my daughter was younger, I felt guilt because I did not read books to my daughter often. I found it frustrating. She wanted to turn pages before I was done reading. She wanted to throw the books. She wanted to open the book in the middle and go backwards. She obviously did not understand that I had words to read on the page in a set order. I was envisioning being able to sit with my daughter on my lap while she calmly listened to me read to her. Reading books is important but word of advice, be flexible. It will be awhile before you can sit and read a full page to your kid, let alone a whole book. If you only read a few words on the page, that is fine. Instead of reading, talk about what is on the page. You will still use words you would not normally use in everyday language. I did not know this and I wish I had. Well, happy reading.

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