10 on 10 November

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Last weekend I met up with some Shultz Photo School photographers. We all had a wonderful time. I love being able to geek out with other like minded individuals and especially in one of my favorite cities. The first day we were downtown. We started sunrise along the lake. My train arrived late so I pretty much ran along the lake to get to them at Adler Planetarium. From there we went to Union Station and took pictures. Then we went to a parking garage to get aerial photos of the El tracks and eat lunch. Below you will find photos of the 1st day. My favorite photos were along the lake during blue hour (right before sunrise or right after sunrise).

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Fall Celebration

Hello! I wanted to dedicate a post to fall. Last week we went to Honey Hill Apple Orchard, Sycamore’s Pumpkin Fest, the Convocation Center’s Halloween Bash and carved a pumpkin. It was a lot of fun. Here are some documentary photos I took of my family.

Honey Hill Apple Orchard

Sycamore’s Pumpkin Fest


Convocation Center’s Halloween Bash

Pumpkin Carving


That’s all for now. Happy Fall!

Call For Mini Sessions

Good morning! From now on, I am focusing on doing documentary photography (if I must put a label on it) and I need subjects other than my beautiful family. What is documentary photography? Non-posed pictures of your BEAUTIFUL and perhaps chaotic life (mine is beautiful & chaotic at least). I want to capture a series of photos for 1 – 2 hours. The session can be centered around a series of activities like crafts, washing dishes, and eating dinner or one event like going to the zoo. Here are a few examples of my own photos I have done:

Blueberry Picking

Brookfield Zoo

4th Of July Traditions

Beauty in Traverse City, Michigan

Here are more examples of potential mini sessions you may want me to do:

  • Any tradition
    • Holiday traditions (carving pumpkins & putting up Halloween decorations, Easter egg dying & going to church, listening to Xmas music while decorating your tree)
  • Morning/afternoon/evening routine
  • A sporting event (if it is a small event)
  • Cooking a special dish w/family or friends
  • A special evening with your significant other
  • Shopping for maternity and baby clothes/items
  • Decorating the baby room
  • Babymoon
  • Birthday
  • Backyard BBQ
  • Snow play and hot chocolate after
  • Attending a festival
  • Game night w/friends while eating comfort food
  • Racking and playing in the leaves

If you are a family, click on the questionnaire below and answer the questions and email them to me. If you are a couple or a single person, please email me at c.whyte@yahoo.com and I have a separate questionnaire for you (I need to see the interest level first). I am currently taking just two sessions right now because that is all I can fit into my time but I will do a call for more people in the future.

Lastly, being that my time is precious, a 1 -2 hour session will cost $50 BUT expect this price to go up fairly quickly in the next few months as I get more and more comfortable doing these sessions. With current sessions, you will get a free download of all of your pics but I encourage everyone to order pictures through my gallery because otherwise, most people won’t order pictures. Then what do you have? A bunch of pictures in cyberspace and not on your wall where you can reminisce about the memories.

Family Questions

Thank you and I look forward to hearing from you!

10 on 10: October 2017

Hello and happy October! I am so happy it is October. Fall is a wonderful season and October is THE month for fall. You may be wondering why this is called 10 on 10. Well, I have joined a group that encourages each other to blog more and one time a month on the 10th, we post 10 of our favorite photos from the past month or from a day. Here are my 10!

I hope you enjoyed all of those photos. Here is a blog you should check out in addition to mine…

Lisa R. Howler

Thank you so much and I hope you have a wonderful month.

Sports Photography For Parents

I started, a few months ago, a course on how to take better pictures of my daughter doing sports. I have been mostly practicing on my family and friends kids. Here are some of my favorite photos so far.

If you are also interested in learning how to take better pictures of your kids in sports, the school I learned from is enrolling soon. UPDATE! Early bird special today, October 6th! Just click on the link below and it will redirect you to the enrollment. 

Shultz Photo School Sports Course

Or if you want to learn to take better pics of your kids, in general, you can click on the following link.

Shultz Photo School Photo Fix

Every since I joined Shultz Photo School in February 2016, my pictures have improved so much. My photos went from the left picture (9/2016) to the right one (2/2017) and YES, you can do the same.

If you are still not sure, you can check out some free tips from the same school at the following link.

Free 7 Part Snackable Course

Just be sure, if you choose to pay for the courses, please use one of the two links above.

Photography Struggle: Children Portraits

children portraits

Part of the reason I started to take my photography more seriously was so that I could take better pictures of my daughter and not have to pay for it. I, once again, envisioned something that I thought was going to happen and did not happen. I thought I would be able to get these beautiful portraits of my daughter and she would smile when I asked her too. Looking back at it, once again, I laugh at myself. Very rarely, she actually cared I had a camera in my hands and that I wanted her to look at it. Luckily, I realized that I did not always have to have my daughter looking at the camera. The picture still told a story and documented the beauty of everyday life whether or not I could see her face. Here are some examples of how you can capture your family’s life. Each one of these brings me joy.

Library Day

library day

My daughter has really been into books lately. Now we read a book every night before bed. She even requested to go the library although I wonder if the desire was for the play area and not the books. No matter, I took her and we got a few books. It also gives me the opportunity to practice taking pictures at the library. I love library pictures.

FYI for you parents out there with younger children (under 2 1/2 years)…I am sure you have read that reading books to your child is very important to their growth. Every time I read that when my daughter was younger, I felt guilt because I did not read books to my daughter often. I found it frustrating. She wanted to turn pages before I was done reading. She wanted to throw the books. She wanted to open the book in the middle and go backwards. She obviously did not understand that I had words to read on the page in a set order. I was envisioning being able to sit with my daughter on my lap while she calmly listened to me read to her. Reading books is important but word of advice, be flexible. It will be awhile before you can sit and read a full page to your kid, let alone a whole book. If you only read a few words on the page, that is fine. Instead of reading, talk about what is on the page. You will still use words you would not normally use in everyday language. I did not know this and I wish I had. Well, happy reading.

4th Of July Traditions


Do you remember on my last blog post I said I love capturing the details of an event? Well, we had 4th of July this month and I captured those little details that I think make the holiday so special. The meaning behind the holiday is important but I also think the traditions are important. Traditions repeated from year to year and passed from generation to generation have a special history that is shared among many people.

You will see that I painted with light in the first picture. What a very fun technique! You can do the same if you copy the settings. All of these pictures were taken with my Nikon D3000 and 50mm lens.

365 Projects & Camping

pin16I have stopped doing my prompted 365 projects. Gasp! Truthfully, I became bored with the prompts because I had a lot of repeats. My two goals with the 365 projects were to pick up my camera everyday and to challenge myself to take pictures of things I normally wouldn’t take a picture of. I still pick up my camera everyday and I have new challenges. Right now I am challenging myself to gain experience with other people’s families and about 1x/week I do look at a prompt.

In other news, a few weeks ago we went camping. I love camping and I love capturing the details of an event and what makes it so special. Here are a few camping photos. Let me know if any of these bring a feeling of comfort. Also, if you want me to capture details of a special event for you, let me know.


A New Tool for My Camera

pin1I briefly said in my last post that I bought an attachable macro lens. Well, they are actually called macro filters and I love them. I am having quite fun with them and when the pictures come out sharp, they give me a whole new perspective of an object. I have wanted a macro lens for awhile but never bought one because of the cost. This is a cheap way around that. Here’s the article I read about them.

9 Tips for Using Macro Filters

It does take getting used to them but well worth it. You may notice in a couple of the pictures below that the focus is not quite perfect. From my understanding, using a tripod helps because the depth of field is so shallow it is easy to lose your focus.

I love the crayons because I never really noticed how dirty crayons look from being marked up by other crayons.  I love the picture of the dandelion because it is in focus and I can see so much detail I never noticed before. The paper clip is not so neat but the details of the wooden table below are. The crab apple buds are beautiful and the seedling is not so interesting but the detail of the dirt below is interesting. I love how macro photography shows me details that I look over every day. This is just another way to show you beauty in the everyday mundane life, which is my mission with photography.

I will continue to experiment.

Here are some of the fun photos I have taken so far.